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Providing expertise for double basses and bows is an important part of our work. Having the right certification to accompany a double bass or bow has become increasingly important in today’s market.

Certification, Valuation And Authentication

A full range of supporting services is on offer including valuation, authentication and certification. As double basses and bows have appreciated greatly in value in recent years, the need for certainty in an instrument’s authenticity has become vital.

Certificates Of Authenticity

A certificate from Thomas and George Martin Violin Makers is recognised globally. If you have a quality double bass or bow, confirmation of its authenticity is essential. We have built up a wealth of knowledge in the field of identifying and authenticating fine double basses over many years. Our certificate of authenticity underpins your instrument’s investment value.


We are pleased to offer written valuations to be used for a range of purposes, such as insurance, tax or probate. If you have not renewed your valuation in recent years then you may be surprised by the increase in the value of your property. Complimentary valuations are supplied with all certificates of authenticity.

Show Us Your Double Bass Or Bow

What might your double bass be worth? Are you considering selling? Do you want a certificate of authenticity? Letting us have a look at your instrument or bow is the first step. Taking the correct pictures is important for us to make an initial evaluation. Follow the guide provided and upload your pictures so we can make an initial assessment. Images can also be emailed to us if you prefer.