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A Family Tradition

We are a father and son team – Thomas and George Martin. We have a long tradition in making, restoring and dealing in all things double bass.

About Thomas And George Martin Violin Makers

Our company, Thomas and George Martin Violin Makers, is one of the leading double bass specialists in the world. Find out more about us and the highly-skilled individuals that make up our team below.

Thomas & George Martin Violin Makers

We offer a full range of services for all levels of double bass player. Our experienced team in the workshop and the office give our clientele helpful, friendly and knowledgeable service. The workshop team consists of head restorer and set-up expert Daniel Paxton, assisted by Ian Shankland and George Hopwell.

Thomas Martin

Thomas Martin has long been a household name in the world of double bass. His achievements as a player, teacher and pedagogue have gained him far-reaching recognition. The appreciation of the instrument itself has been a lifelong obsession for Tom. Today in partnership with his son George he specialises in expertise and high profile placements, having seen and played so many great instruments during his time as a musician and connoisseur of the double bass.

George Martin

George’s earliest memories include crawling around his father’s work bench while Dad was making one of his first double basses. He progressed to working in the workshop as a teenager and began to appreciate the fine instruments that passed through. The firm has grown substantially as has his skill and expertise. Today, he plays a major role in running the family business. He has recently led the realisation of his father’s dream to produce reference works about the double bass.