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  • Fuber Double Bass full front image
  • Fuber Double Bass back
  • Fuber Double Bass left side
  • Fuber Double Bass right side
  • Fuber Double Bass left scroll
  • Fuber Double Bass right scroll
  • Fuber Double Bass front scroll
  • Fuber Double Bass rear scroll
  • Fuber Double Bass f-hole left
  • Fuber Double Bass f-hole right

Camillo Mandelli Double Bass

Camillo Mandelli was a well-respected Northern Italian maker of the early 20th Century. He was born in Calco (Como) and studied with Bisiach and Antonazzi (in whose style he worked). His round backed double basses were particularly successful. Mandelli worked from 1889 to 1920 in Buenos Aires where this fine example was made. The rich red-brown varnish, classic Italian styling and robust sound make this instrument a gem.

String Length:
Length of Back:
Rib Depth:
Upper Bout:
Middle Bout:
Lower Bout:

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