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  • Full Front
  • Back
  • Fuber Bass Side View
  • Fuber Bass Low C
  • Fuber Bass Low C
  • Fuber Bass Low C
  • Fuber Bass Low C
  • F Hole

    Double Bass

    Here is a lovely English bass from the mid Nineteenth Century. It is of the type made for Betts (of Royal Exchange, London) by the Furber family who made so many double basses we know as different things. The flat back and sides are in “birdseye maple”. Good robust size and good sound.


    • String Length: 42.25 inches (107.5 cm)
    • Length of Back: 45 inches (114 cm)
    • Rib Depth: 8.75 inches (22.5 cm)
    • Upper Bout: 22 inches (56 cm)
    • Middle Bout: 15.75 inches (40 cm)
    • Lower Bout: 27.25 inches (69 cm)

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