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Complete restoration of William Tarr bass

Complete restoration of old Northern English bass made by William Tarr. This bass was previously a very large instrument and has been massively cut down around 100 years ago. We fully restored the instrument including remodeling the top of the bass and cutting a break line making the bass very playable and more attractive. The other restorations include, complete re lining of the ribs, repairing all cracks on the ribs, back and front, re bracing the back, shortening the ribs top and bottom, new bass bar, sound post patch, completely half edging the front and some of the back, neck graft and a complete new set up.

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william tarr bass repair2 lrg
william tarr bass repair3 lrg
william tarr bass repair4 lrg
william tarr bass repair7 lrg
william tarr bass repair8 lrg
william tarr bass repair9 lrg
william tarr bass repair lrg