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Restoration of poor condition German bass

This old German bass came to us in a very poor state, there were several unsupported open cracks on the front as well as the ribs. The fingerboard was extremely thin and the over stand was much too small, this makes for a bass with a very low bridge height and increased tension over the table. There was also a weak spot running the length of the bass bar so we fully supported it with cleats under the bass bar to make sure it was strong. We replaced the fingerboard with a much heavier one to increase the over stand of the bass, we also re graduated the neck so that it was comfortable.

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1 double bass front repair
2 double bass old fingerboard
3 double bass cracks ribs
4 double bass broken front
5 double bass edge work
6 double bass half edging
7 double bass half edging2
8 marking top block
9 double bass bottom block
a1 double bass cleats
a2 double bass clamps
a3 double bass bar crack
a4 double bass cleats2
a5 doule bass front internals
a6 double bass front repaired
a7 double bass fron repaired
a8 double bass edge work
a9 double bass varnish
b1 double bass new fingerboard